January Prayer and Fasting

We invite you to join with us for 7 days of prayer and fasting January 7th - January 13th. Times as follows:

  • Sunday will be a normal service time
  • Monday - Friday 6 -7 am
  • Saturday 10 am

Monday through Saturday services will include a time of praise and worship, a daily Word from one of our ministry leaders, a 25 minute time to pray alone, and then corporate prayer at the end.

Types of Fasts

Soul fast

Good option for someone who has health issues that prevent them from fasting food. (ex. social media, television, etc.)

Selective fast

Involves removing certain foods from your diet. (ex. the daniel fast)

Partial fast

Fasting during specific times of the day. (ex. abstaining from eating from 6am-3pm or sunup to sundown)

Complete fast

A liquid fast (ex. typically water with light juices as an option)