River of Life Small Groups

We have three small group semesters each year. Each semester, you will have an opportunity to join a group which allows you to either start a new group or join the same one. You may want to join multiple groups and that’s ok too! If you're new, our Next Steps team can help plug you in to a group that works best for you at any time during a semester.

First Semester Small Groups Are Here!

*Please note that River Kids meet every Sunday morning at 10:30am and Wednesday nights at 7pm. Our River Students also meet every Wednesday night at 7pm. River Kids and River Students are not considered small groups. Please read more about how our Kids and Students gather and how they incorporate smaller circles and relationship building on Wednesday nights!

Sort By Stage of Life:

We have groups for all ages and all stages of life.  If you've just gotten saved, there are recommended groups for you...if you are a woman, there's a group for you....a man, you guessed it! There's a group for you too, but you are not limited to those groups.  You can choose any group that works best for your specific needs.  We encourage you to pray about and choose a group for this first semester that will fit the stage of life you are currently in.

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